Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Daily Painting 3/7/18 "Fly Over"

                                                                       "Fly Over"
Fascinating to watch how the light sparkles on the waves and the foam and how it changes the color of the water, sometimes reflecting and sometimes a window into what's below. This scene was along the shoreline of Diamond Head State Park.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Daily Painting 3/6/18 "Mid Afternoon"

Day 2

I took a "shortcut" one afternoon and got stuck in a maze of minimum maintenance roads. I came across this stand of trees in front of a cornfield and was drawn to the golden color of the weeds on the ground contrasting the dark green cool looking shadows along the edge of the corn with the sunlit tops. I couldn't stay to paint it on location so it came from a photograph and my memory, I doubt I could find it again!

Daily Painting 3/6/18 "On the Canal"

"On the Canal"
Day 1
This painting is of a bend in the canal that flows under Kahala Ave in Honolulu. Loaded with Bougainvillea and Plumeria bushes leaning over the water in the background. It flows to the ocean nearby through Kahala park.